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Next week, Beanstack will be an exhibitor at the Digital Shift conference. This is our first time presenting at a virtual conference, and it seems like a really terrific program. You can register for free and hear from a number of thought leaders. And you can visit us! Here is what we have planned for the day.

5 articles I loved about education, tech, libraries and kids.

Each month we send a newsletter with recent articles that I find informative as well as some updates about our Beanstack service. Here are my curated selections for August.

Zoobean Participates in First Ever White House Demo Day, Hosted by President Obama

Months ago, I read an article that the White House would be hosting its first ever Demo Day. Just the thought of bringing our service to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue seemed like a far away dream. We applied for Zoobean to participate, and apparently, we were one of 2,000 companies under consideration. So last week when the White House called to say we were in, well, it was quite a total thrill! Read more about our experience at #WHDemoDay

Welcome, Katherine Vander Vennet!

We are thrilled to announce the newest member of our team, Katherine Vander Vennet! Katherine joins us as EVP of Sales, Awe and Wonder for Zoobean. We invite you to learn more about Katherine's journey to what she calls "the perfect job for me." TLDR: She's the real deal, with a side of awesome sauce.

5 articles I loved this week. (Weekly Smart Picks #46)

Happy Friday...and almost Pi Day! In honor of the day, I'll remind everyone to check out Talking Math With Your Kids, a fabulous blog for incorporating math into everyday conversations with kids.

Also, yesterday marked the end of SxSW Edu, but you can still catch up on the keynote and a variety of sessions via video and podcast.  

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How do kids find best friends? What milestones should your child achieve by Kindergarten? These questions and more are addressed in this week's roundup of some of my favorite articles. Enjoy!

5 articles I loved this week. (Weekly Smart Picks #44)

Happy almost Valentine's Day! This week's selections are all quite thought-provoking. I'd love to know what you think, especially about letting our kids change and learning to read in English.

5 articles I loved this week. (Weekly Smart Picks #43)

We are just getting back from our trip to the American Librarian Association meeting in Chicago. Sure there was a blizzard, but we had a wonderful time meeting librarians from all over, and sharing our Beanstack service with them. Love this photo of Chelsea from Sacramento rocking our tote bag. :)

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Since our company started partnering with libraries, I have learned more about the incredible number of online resources they offer to patrons. Foreign language classes? Check. Homework help? That, too. Live streaming videos? Yes, and this is just the beginning of the list for many libraries.

Born Reading: Dentists and Cows

This week's selections for our recommendations in partnership with Jason Boog at Born Reading.