5 articles I loved this week. (Weekly Smart Picks #38)

This week, I cover topics ranging from girls and negotiation to Kid President. And if you're looking for some fun reading and playing this weekend, check out my post with Born Reading with weekly app, craft, and book recommendations. Happy weekend!

Raise girls to be better negotiators.

The research about women in negotiations shows that we often do not ask for what we deserve. This article gives six tips for parents that will encourage girls to better negotiate for themselves. 

The best TV Thanksgiving and Christmas specials of 2014.

This is a useful, simple list of holiday specials that will air between now and the end of the year on network television, including dates, times, and appropriate ages. They have made it *much* easier for me to just set my DVR so we have these movies ready to watch on our time. 



Photo: Getting Smart Blog

Photo: Getting Smart Blog

New study shows personalized learning boosts academic gains. 

The Gates Foundation funded this report on data gathered from 23 charter schools.This post from Getting Smart is a terrific recap of the report's findings, including the one thing that all of these largely successful schools had in common in relation to personalized learning.


Photo: Fred Rogers Center Blog

Photo: Fred Rogers Center Blog

The future of storytelling is here, and it's happening on multiple devices. 

This excellent post from the Fred Rogers Center reviews the concept of children and the "transmedia" experience. How are we, and how best could we utilize the multiple forms of media available to let kids experience stories in a multitude of ways. While geared toward teachers, the lessons in this post are also informative for parents. (Photo: Fred Rogers Blog)

7 videos to celebrate Sesame Street's 45th anniversary

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street! I loved this fun collection of videos to celebrate the occasion. Personal favorites are Kid President and Grover, of course, and the blooper reel with John Oliver and Cookie Monster. Enjoy! (Photo: Mashable)