5 articles I loved this week. (Weekly Smart Picks #40)

From princesses to writing your first line of code, we have you covered this week. Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

What is the long-term impact of students increasingly using digital tools in classrooms?

It seems that more teachers and schools are making moves to reach their students where they are...on their phones. Or tablets. Or name-that-device. This piece looks at some of the brain science about the impact of technology on kids' minds, especially in light of increased connectivity in the classroom.

A look at 21 leading Disney ladies reveals...

This is BuzzFeed, so it's not hard-and-fast data. All the same, these visuals provide a new perspective on leading ladies in Disney films. Some findings are exactly what you might expect, but others are quite surprising. 

What would you do with $1B to improve and increase access to early childhood education?
At a summit this week, President Obama announced $1 billion in private-public funding for early childhood education. The Invest In Us site gives more background about the intended use and impact of the funds. I also appreciated this related opinion piece about the importance of investing in families.

Kids who have a moral reason to tell the truth tend to do so more often.
According to a new study, kids are less likely to tell the truth when faced with punishment for telling a lie. I intend to use this different approach to dealing with lying in order to encourage honesty in our own kids!


Happy Computer Science Education Week! 

Increasing interest in computer science is a cause near and dear to my heart. If you haven't heard, this week is Computer Science Education Week. Code.org organized a major event called "Hour of Code," to celebrate and raise awareness about the topic...and to get people coding. Perhaps even more exciting is the news that an increasing number of schools are accepting CS as a graduation requirement. Bonus: here is an app we recommend to teach basic programming skills at an early age.