2 Questions for Aaron Becker

Photo Source: Odyssey Bookshop

Photo Source: Odyssey Bookshop

SAVE THE DATE! On December 11 at 2pm ET, we will host a live Zoobean Expert hangout on air with Caldecott Honor winner, Aaron Becker. (RSVP Here) You may be familiar with Becker's books Journey and Quest. They are gorgeous, and he promises to share an incredibly unique perspective with us. Here are his answers to two of our parent-related questions to get us started!

1. How does your work influence your daughter or parenting style?

Our daughter was born in early 2010, the same year I started working on Journey. So in a way, my book career and my daughter have been growing up in tandem. Not only was I a new parent, but I was a new, out-of-work parent, having lost my job with a big film company only a few months after she was born. The desire to support my family was really what lit the fire for wanting Journey to be the best thing I had ever made. My success creatively was no longer about me, but my whole family. The book had to be amazing if it was going to get noticed as a debut picture book. I can remember times when I would look at a drawing and think it was good but not quite good enough, so I would start over. I was teaching myself watercolors just to do this book, so I’d say that despite the lack of sleep from being a new parent, I was extremely driven and focused during that time to create something as beautiful as I could humanly muster.


2. How has your daughter influenced your work?

I think what’s most important about my career choice and the luck I’ve had with it so far is that my daughter is growing up around a father who loves what he does. We’re very fortunate. Of course, there are times when she gets tired of me working all of the time to make these books, but unlike many grownup professions, she completely grasps the final product - after all, she has been reading children’s books or having them read to her since she was born. She’s seen me at signings and school appearances - I think she gets what it’s all about; the joy it can bring to the world. I don’t care if she goes into a career in the arts, but I do hope she ends up believing that she can find work that she loves. That’s key, I think, to a happy life.